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6 March 2022.

We, the undersigned community of scholars, students and staff at LSE appeal to the School Management Committee (SMC) to consider the introduction of a series of urgent measures to respond to the horrific violence that we are witnessing in Ukraine as a result of an invasion by Russian armed forces.

We are proud of the illustrious history of LSE in rising to the occasion in the face of war and refugee crises. In the previous century, LSE hosted such intellectual giants as the statistician Claus Moser, the philosopher and public intellectual Karl Popper, and in Sociology, Karl Mannheim, to name a few figures. The LSE is what it is because of the contribution of these wartime refugees and exiles to the intellectual life of the School. But this was only possible because of vision and leadership at LSE’s highest levels of management. The situation may not be the same today; but the need for support to those threatened remains just as real.

Following the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, a group of audacious individuals with a vision set up the Academic Assistance Council (AAC). See the blog post by Mick Cox here:

Among the individuals who made a mark on the work of AAC were Tess Simpson, the physicist from Hungary Leo Szilard and the Nobel Laureate A V Hill. But it was the leadership of the then LSE Director William Beveridge that transformed an ad hoc academic initiative into an institution that will be highly effective in helping academics from Europe fleeing Nazi crimes.

Ukraine has been subjected to a brutal attack since 24 February; we are seeing the bombardment of civilian infrastructure and there are confirmed civilian deaths, including children. Universities across the globe have made strong statements condemning the aggression and the deaths of innocent civilians. But the most important and urgent thing is to act.

Following the example Dartmouth University in the USA and other leading academic institutions, we call upon the School to join the International Taskforce for Displaced Scholars uniting colleagues from Harvard, Columbia, Notre Dame, University of Chicago, UC-Berkeley, the University of Cambridge (UK) and others.

We recommend that LSE SMC follow the example of Dartmouth and other institutions in the Taskforce and urgently consider the introduction of the following measures:

Current students from Ukraine or with family in Ukraine; affected students from Russia

Introduce financial measures to aid to students already at LSE

Help with extension / payment for accommodation

Academic help with extensions of coursework

Payment for emergency flights, as required

Provide support as required to students affected by this conflict from not just Ukraine, but also Russia—many citizens from these countries have relatives across different states of the former USSR and may be affected in various ways

Aid to displaced students and scholars

Create a fund for emergency admission and considering offering full financial aid to undergraduate and graduate students who are either still in Ukraine or are now refugees, in Poland and other neighboring states

Create a fund and liaise with RCUK to generate an urgent pot of funding for PhD students and VR appointments for more established scholars

Work with existing faculty with expertise in the region who have already offered support to the School to help coordinate the hosting of scholars within the Scholars at Risk Program – e.g., Tomila Lankina (IRD), Vladislav Zubok (IH).

Liaise with the CIVICA network to create a hub for providing pop-up / bespoke online learning or access to extant online resources for Ukrainian student refugees in Poland and other neighbouring states; partnering with other European institutions to offer degrees for affected refugees whose studies have been disrupted and whose universities in Ukraine have suffered from shelling.

We the undersigned are devastated at the unprovoked war in Ukraine and the horrific toll of mounting casualties. We are proud of being associated with LSE, an institution that has risen to the occasion during the wars of the twentieth century and has hosted refugees fleeing violence in Europe. We urge you to do what is morally right in this instance.

Signed (last updated 4 March 2022, 21.00):

Tomila Lankina. Professor, IRD, LSE

Lanabi la Lova. PhD candidate, IR, LSE

Olivia Nantermoz Benoit-Gonin. Phd Candidate, International Relations , LSE

Claire Gordon. Director , Eden Centre for Education Enhancement, LSE

Guo Xiong Han. PhD Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant, International Relations, LSE

James Morrison. Assistant Professor, International Relations, LSE

John Sidel. Sir Patrick Gillam Professor of International and Comparative Politics, Government/International Relations, LSE

Christine Stedtnitz. LSE Fellow, Government, LSE

Christopher Brown. Emeritus Professor, International Relations, LSE

Cicely Ashwin. Professor, Department of Management, LSE

Paul Kelly. Professor of Political Theory, Government, LSE

Angus Wrenn. Tutorial Fellow, Language Centre, LSE

Vesna Popovski. Research Fellow and Visiting Lecturer, European Institute and Government Department, LSE

Steffen Hertog. Associate Professor, Government, LSE

Jonathan Hopkin. Professor , European Institute, LSE

Robert Falkner. Associate Professor, International Relations, LSE

Eleanor Knott. Assistant Professor, Methodology, LSE

Ruxandra Serban. LSE Fellow in Qualitative Methodology, Department of Methodology, LSE

Julian Robinson. Director of Estates, Estates, LSE

Lee Edwards. Professor, Media and Communications, LSE

Anna Mahtani. Associate Professor, Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, LSE

Nicholas Barr. Professor of Public Economics, European Institute, LSE

Bruno Leipold. Fellow, Government, LSE

Kenneth Lee. Associate Professorial Lecturer, Accounting, LSE

Anton Harder. Teaching Fellow East Asian History, International History, LSE

Kerry Vandersteen. Learning Technologist, Eden Centre, LSE

Chana Teeger. Assistant Professor, Methodology, LSE

Gian Battaglia. Learning Technology Systems Support Specialist, Eden Centre, LSE

David Webb. Professor, Finance (Academic), LSE

Artemis Photiadou. , International History, LSE

Federica Bicchi. Associate Professor, Dept of International Relations, LSE

Edoardo Vaccari. Ph.D. candidate, International History, LSE

Florian Foos. Assistant Professor in Political Behaviour, Government, LSE

Alison Standring. Deputy Director, Language Centre, LSE

Alex Spiers. Senior Learning Technologist, Eden, LSE

Peter Skrandies. Language Coordinator, Language Centre, LSE

Ronald Küppers Johansson. PhD, Methodology, LSE

Simon Roberts. Teacher, Language Centre, LSE

Taylor Sherman. Deputy Head of Department, International History, LSE

Francesco Panizza. Professor, Government, LSE

Paul Apostolidis. Associate Professorial Lecturer and DHOD Education, Government, LSE

Nyssa Lee-Woolf. Head, Education Enhancement Projects, Eden Centre for Education Enhancement, LSE

Paul Keenan. Assistant Professor, International History, LSE

Mathias Poertner. Assistant Professor, Department of Government, LSE

David Woodruff. Associate Professor, Government, LSE

Daniel Berliner. Associate Professor, Department of Government, LSE

Leticia Ines Alexandre Sabsay. Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies, LSE

Catherine Boone. Professor, Government, LSE

Christopher Doughty. Programme Administrator, Eden Centre, LSE

Huseyin Naci. Associate Professor, Health Policy, LSE

Hazel Johnstone. department manager, Gender Studies, LSE

Clare Hemmings. Prof of Feminist Theory/PhD convener, Gender Studies, LSE

Thahmina Begum Thaniya. Graduate Intern Inclusive Education, Eden Centre for Education Enhancement, LSE

Flora Cornish. Associate Professor, Methodology, LSE

Conor Gearty. Professor, Law, LSE

Giovanni Graglia. Guest Teacher, International History, LSE

Darron Gordon. Associate Professorial Lecturer, International Development, LSE

Brandon Green. PhD Candidate, Department of Methodology, LSE

Gabriela Chase. Programme Administrator, Gender, LSE

Mercedes Wearing. Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies, LSE

Ellis Saxey. Senior Academic Developer, Eden Centre for Education Enhancement, LSE

Elizabeth Ryan. Institute Manager, International Inequalities Institute, LSE

Signe Dahl. Sociology, LSE

Milena Tsvetkova. Assistant Professor, Methodology, LSE

Paolo Brunori. Assistant Professorial Research Fellow, International Inequalities Institute, LSE

Ishrat Jahan. Student, Sociology, LSE

Philip Rauber. Learning Developer, LSE LIFE, LSE

Eoin Meade. Learning Technologist, Eden Centre, LSE

Arjan Gjonca. Associate Professor, International Development, LSE

Angelos Dassios. Professor, Statistics, LSE

Luca Tardelli. Assistant Professorial Lecturer, International Relations, LSE

Philip Chan. Guest teacher, Statistics, LSE

Davinder Ratra. Head of Administration, Estates, LSE

Lucia Pedrioli. Teaching and Assessment Administrator, Department of Methodology, LSE

Catrin Preston. MSc student, Sociology, LSE

Patrick Mcgovern. Associate Professor, Sociology, LSE

Marina Franchi. Senior Academic Developer, Eden, LSE

Rachel Donagh. MSc Student , Department of Sociology , LSE

Auguste Dudutyte. Administrative support, International Inequalities Institute, LSE

Molly Avery. GT and PhD Candidate, International History, LSE

Anna Plomien. Associate Professor, Gender Studies, LSE

Baljeet Nandra. Facilities Manager, Estates Division, LSE

David Tyndall. Post Room, Estates Division, LSE

Chloe Higgs. Venue Coordinator , Estates, LSE

Andrea Mennicken. Associate Professor, Accounting, LSE

Duncan Mcpherson. Assistant Project Manager, Estates Division, LSE

Phoebe Dunster. Capital Development Team Administrator/PA to Director of Capital Development, Estates Division, LSE

Konstantinos Kardaras. Professor, Statistics, LSE

Jane Tomlinson. PA to Julian Robinson, Estates, LSE

Daniel Reeves. Residences Sustainability Officer, Estates Sustainability, LSE

Andrew Murray. Professor of Law, Law School, LSE

Mark Anderson. Reprographics Operator, Estates, LSE

Victoria Hünewaldt. Student, Sociology, LSE

Liam O'Shea. Dinam Fellow, International Relations, LSE

Finia Kuhlmann. PhD Candidate, Accouting, LSE

Francesco Biancelli. Principal Project Manager, Estates Division, LSE

Emily Harrison. Civic Engagement Officer, Eden Centre, LSE

Elizabeth Ingleson. Assistant Professor, International History, LSE

Camilya Maleh. Research and Department Operations Administrator, Methodology, LSE

Katherine Summers. British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Methodology, LSE

Elliott Green. Associate Professor, International Development, LSE

David Lewis. Professor of Anthropology and Development, International Development, LSE

Emeline Sztrakos. Carbon Reduction Manager, Estates, LSE

Ernestina Coast. Professor, International Development, LSE

Elena Vitan. Reprographics Office Manager, Estates Division, LSE

Suki Ali. Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, LSE

Alexandre Dab. Guest Teacher, International history, LSE

Tiziana Leone. Associate Professor, International Development, LSE

Madhuri Agarwal. Teaching fellow, International Development, LSE

Thomas Wilkinson. PhD student and GTA, International History, LSE

Giovanni Angioni. PhD Candidate, International Relations, LSE

Douglas Hutchinson. Associate , LSE IDEAS, LSE

Duncan Green. Professor in Practice, International Development, LSE

Thomas Kirk. Researcher and Lecturer, International Development, LSE

Benjamin Brundu. PhD Candidate, Sociology, LSE

Dobromil Wereszczynski. BSc Student, Department of Government, LSE

Paul Kirby. Associate Professorial Research Fellow, Centre for Women, Peace and Security, LSE

Jillian Terry. Assistant Professorial Lecturer, LSE100, LSE

Athanasia Baltouna. Space Planning and Analysis Manager, Estates Division, LSE

Antony Best. Professor, International History, LSE

Tamara Williams. Building Manager, Estates Division, LSE

Kathryn Hochstetler. Professor, International Development, LSE

Aiko Holvikivi. Assistant Professor, Gender Studies, LSE

Tetiana Shymanchuk. Student, Gender, LSE

Sara Geneletti Inchauste. Associate Professor, Statistics, LSE

Joanne Kalogeras. Associate Study Advisor, LSE LIFE, LSE

Christine Hanrieder. Assistant Professor, International Development, LSE

Darren Moon. Senior Learning Technologist, Eden Centre for Education Enhancement, LSE

Per Ahblom. Assistant Professor, Accounting, LSE

Jennifer Jackson Preece. Associate Professor, European Institute & Department of International Relations, LSE

Philipa Mladovsky. Assistant Professor, International Development, LSE

Jean-Paul Faguet. Professor, International Development, LSE

Jan Mlynarczyk. Student, LSE Law School, LSE

Mark Hoffman. Dean of the General Course and Global Mobility, International Relations, LSE

Robyn Mcalpine. Education Officer, Students' Union, LSE

Josephine Stephens. General Secretary , LSE Students' Union, LSE

Iulia-Clara Cirdan. PhD student, Sociology , LSE

Sara Camacho Felix. Assistant Professorial Lecturer (Programme Lead for the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity), International Inequalities Institute, LSE

Afroditi Koulaxi. PhD Student, Media and Communications, LSE

Agoussi Amon. Senior Administrator, LSE LIFE Centre, LSE

Iulia-Clara Cirdan. PhD student, LSE

Sara Camacho Felix. Assistant Professorial Lecturer (Programme Lead for the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity), LSE

Afroditi Koulaxi. PhD Student, LSE

Agoussi Amon. Senior Administrator, LSE

Chris Hughes. Emeritus Professor if International Relations, LSE

Agoussi Amon, Senior Administrator, LSE

David Coles. Volunteer Centre Manager, LSE Volunteer Centre, LSE

Sarah Taylor. Learning Developer, LSE LIFE, LSE

Magda Muter. PhD Candidate , Department of Gender Studies, LSE

Georgia Nichols. Study Adviser, LSE LIFE, LSE

Johannes Ruf. Professor, Mathematics, LSE

Konrad Swanepoel. Professor , Mathematics, LSE

Robert Simon. Associate Professor, Mathematics , LSE

Wai-Fung Lam. Professor, Statistics, LSE

Mihail Zervos. Professor, Mathematics, LSE

Albina Danilova. Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics , LSE

Grammateia Kotsialou. LSE Fellow, Mathematics, LSE

Joanne Taplin-Green. Reader Services Manager, Library, LSE

Galit Ashkenazi-Golan. Assistant professor , Mathematics, LSE

Karl Sedelmeier. Associate Professor, International Relations, LSE

Akile Ahmet. Head of Inclusive Education, Eden Centre, LSE

David Burgherr. Research Assistant, International Inequalities Institute, LSE

Julia Boettcher. Professor, Mathematics, LSE

Thiemo Fetzer. Visiting Fellow, Professor, STICERD, LSE

Lydia Halls. Student Partnership Coordinator, Eden Centre, LSE

Giacomo Zambelli. Associate professor, Mathematics, LSE

Wendy Sigle. Head of Department, Gender Studies, LSE

Johannes Van Den Heuvel. Professor of Mathematics; Head of Department, Department of Mathematics, LSE

Oonagh Wallace. Student, Gender, LSE

Alejandra Quezada Tirado. Student, Gender Department, LSE

Paula Dietert Detmer. MSc Student, Gender Department, LSE

Madeline Lloyd. Student, Gender Department, LSE

Patrycja Piotrowska. Student, Gender , LSE

Diana Stoyanova. Master's Student, Gender , LSE

David Stevenson. Professor, International History, LSE

Danylo Nikiforov. President of Ukrainian Society, International Relations , LSE

Aleksandra Slyusar. Student, Management, LSE

Mariia Paraniuk. Student, Finance, LSE

Ayse Uslu. MSc. Student, Sociology, LSE

Alina Asad. Postgrad Student , Gender Studies, LSE

Hui Xuan Soh. Student, LSESU RAG President, International Relations, LSE

Sanne Roeven. MSc Human Rights academic rep, Sociology, LSE

Florence Waller-Carr. PhD Student, Gender Department, LSE

William Redman. Student, Sociology, LSE

Ajnura Akbas. PhD student, Gender, LSE

Somos Emma. student, Sociology, LSE

Leticia Szajdenfisz Jarlicht. Undergraduate student, International Relations , LSE

Kathleen Scanlon Bradley. Distinguished Policy Fellow, LSE London, LSE

Adam Paltik. Academic Event Officer, LSE SU Ukrainian Society, LSE

Treuer Julia. Student, Management, LSE

Marcin Mochnacki. Mathematics and Economics student, Department of Mathematics, LSE

Hanna Biernat. Student, Geography and Environment, LSE

Katherine Burtenshaw. Student MSc, Gender studies, LSE

Jingyi Ma. MSc student, Sociology, LSE

Elvira Correa Lazaro. Student, Gender Department, LSE

Yuliya Stalpouskaya. Masters student, Psychological and Behavioural Science, LSE

Orte Barzdonyte, MSc Student, Department of Social Policy, LSE

Pearl Sullivan, Gender, LSE

Qi Cui, PhD, Methodology , LSE

Nancy Breton, Methodology, LSE

George Bowron. Undergraduate, Social Policy, LSE

Lois Wiliam. Student, Anthropology, LSE

Geun Tak Yoo. Undergraduate, Dept. of Anthropology, LSE

Viktoriya Kuz. MSc Student, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE

Erik Baurdoux, Associate Professor, Statistics, LSE

Peter Trubowitz, Professor, International Relations, LSE

John Breuilly, Emeritus Professor, Government, LSE

Additionally, 11 respondents from the LSE signed the petition but did not give a permission to disclose their names.